Hey there, I'm Andrew Tran.
Nice to meet you.

This is a place where strangers, friends, and family alike can
find out about my life. Whoever you are, I hope you find what
you're looking for!

About Me

I love magic.

Nothing quite tops the joy of bringing that childlike wonder into someone's day. Magic is about creating stories, pushing limits, and having fun. That just about sums up my life.

I'm an athlete.

My best sports are table tennis, badminton, and squash. I'm driven by a desire to be better. I always practice my strokes and my footwork to continuously improve my game. I also like swimming, dodgeball, snowboarding, and tennis.

Yes, that's chocolate pizza.

I'm a huge foodie. I recently spent a summer in Toronto, and it was great. I love trying new restaurants and new types of cuisine. My philosophy is that you have to explore outside your comfort zone to find what you truly love.

Call me Sherlock.

Face me with a challenge or puzzle and I won't sleep until it's done (unless I hit the 36 hour mark... then I'll have dreams about solving it). I love Sudoku, riddles, Project Euler, and Rubik's cubes (Personal Best: 37 seconds).

What I've done

Web Application Engineer at SoapBox

SoapBox provides large organizations and communities with software that helps gives everybody a voice. They give everybody in a community or in an organization a chance to innovate and make things better.

Web Developer at Audiobooks.com

Audiobooks.com is the 2nd largest audiobooks distributor, providing streamed audiobooks to people who want to absorb the riches of a book during their lengthy travels.

Resident at VeloCity

The Velocity Residence provides a place for student entrepreneurs to meet mentors, expand their network, and develop their business.

Volunteer at Hack The North

Hack the North is Canada's first international hackathon, with over 1000 hackers in attendance. Run by a very dedicated group of Waterloo students, the event made history for hackathons in Canada.